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preparing for your wagamama interview and discovery

preparation is key

make sure you are clear on where the restaurant is you are attending and check your travel arrangements

our behaviours

there are 3 behaviours that deliver the wagamama magic, creating fun and vibrant restaurants that people are proud to be part of

i own it

i own what I do, take responsibility for my actions in a positive way + I do what I say i am going to do

i have real conversations

i communicate with consideration + care with my team + my guests being open and honest at all times

i am inclusive

i respect and treat our people + our guests as equals, creating an environment where everyone feels part of the family and that they belong

our application process for restaurant roles

frequently asked questions

apprenticeships for all

at wagamama we offer apprenticeships for everyone in every role. by becoming a wagamama apprentice, you can gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst earning a full-time wage

you’ll be supported by your restaurant team and matched up with a mentor, who will help you grow + develop within your role

last but not least, apprenticeships are fully funded by wagamama. that’s a no brainer if you ask us!

not ready right now, no worries! you can join an apprenticeship at any point in your journey with us