we're spreading positivity from bowl to soul

this is how we do it

we share all kinds of interests, but there’s one thing that connects us – a love of great food cooked with the freshest ingredients. behind every great wagamama experience are great wagamama people. people who are never afraid to speak up. never afraid to be different

our behaviours

be a part of something special

at wagamama, we know that delivering great results is important. our food is fantastic and our people are brilliant. it’s through our behaviours that we create a positive environment

our behaviours


we care about people. you can see it in the way we treat each other

our behaviours

we embrace

every day in every way we try to be better than the day before. this is what kaizen is all about

our behaviours


from the restaurant floor to noodle hq, we communicate brilliantly with our people

our behaviours


we lead in a way that makes a difference. always connected + part of something special. that is wagamama

our behaviours

own it

we own what we do + take responsibility for it in a positive way

we focus on doing 100 things
1% better every day

culture that sizzles

a place to celebrate people

what does it mean to be wagamama? it means diversity, individuality and the freedom to be you. it means having the confidence to express yourself, but best of all it means being a part of something special

in 1992 alan yau opened
the first restaurant
in london's

our secret is simple:only the freshest
ingredients will do

we've grown into a distinct,

every great wagamama
experience needs great wagamama

wagamama spreads positivity in 20+ countries,

totalling 160 restaurants worldwide

awards +

it’s all about the people’s choice

nothing makes us happier than seeing our brilliant restaurants recognised by the industry

  • 2017 casual dining restaurant & pub awards won trailblazer of the year
    won multiple casual dining restaurant of the year
  • 2016 uk digital experience awards won best website category
  • 2016 r200 club won best restaurant operator
  • 2015 cga peach honours award won best evolutionary brand
  • 2015 marketing society awards runner up in best brand category
  • 2014 consumer choice award no.1 brand in the uk
  • 2013 london zagat guide london’s favourite chain restaurant award
  • 2013 soil association ‘out to lunch’ highly awarded as one of the best places for kids’ meals

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