putting our foot on the gas

we go together

at wagamama, going green means more to us than just switching off the lights. it’s doing the right thing for our people and encouraging healthy lifestyles in the community

project midori

midori means “green” in japanese. project midori is our latest initiative for making the world a better place, socially and environmentally

we’re always looking for new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. from glass bottles to cooking oil, placemats and chopsticks. these are the policies and procedures in practice every day at every level

here's how we're reducing our carbon footprint

1million litres
of cooking oil
recycled in 2016

75%less electricitywith LED lighting

30tonnes of
food waste
saved each month

1.56million miles savedby reducing deliveries

we've cut down on ourco2emissionswith fewer restaurant
deliveries per week

28million litres
of water
saved per year

here’s what’s coming in year 2

and upward

  • wok burners that use 50% less gas
  • partner with a charity
  • trial of new woks and teppans
  • boiler systems that use 15% less gas
  • recycling chopsticks + placemats

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