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airport restaurants

all the usual wagamama magic x10. the fast-paced electric energy. the exclusive wagamama breakfast. the vibrantly active kitchens. there is a reason why the pay is slightly more when you work at one of our airport restaurants

if you’re already a wizz on the floor or a wokstar in the kitchen, its time to collect your airport airside pass + show us what you’re made of

considering an airport restaurant role?

to become part of any airport restaurant team, we will need to provide you with an airside pass, so you have access to the ‘staff only’ areas of the airport. this means you will need to provide the following if your application is successful

a valid right to work in the uk (must be in date)

a 5 year span of references from employers or education

criminal record check (we will cover the cost of this if you join the team)

if you’ve lived abroad for over 6 moths in the last 5 years, we’ll need a criminal record check form that country

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